About First Class Values
First Class Values, Inc. has been in the direct to the door business since 1989.
We started in Charlotte, N.C. by delivering door hangers for Domino's Pizza openings. We expanded from there and became a full service direct marketing company that delivers advertising material door to door. All door hangers are securely attached to the front door handle. We do not stuff your hangers in newspaper tubes.

First Class Values, Inc. has also been in the printing business for over 20 years. We specialize in providing our clients with top quality service and products at an affordable price.

Here are some things that OUR CLIENTS are saying about us:

Timberstone Homes logo "Timberstone Homes just wanted to thank you, for another successful door to door campaign! We have five appointments set for this weekend already and this was just the first batch! After three years, I know that we can always count on your service, product, and most importantly, results!"

Cathy Warga
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Timberstone Homes, Inc.
January 19, 2011
KB Homes logo "After objectively evaluating multiple door hanger campaigns, I want you to know that KB Homes Charlotte is extremely pleased with our experience as a customer. We are receiving the kind of measurable results that warrant not only a continued relationship, but increased utilization of your services. Both door hanger campaigns we conducted, supporting our grand opening events at new communities, have generated significant traffic. We acquired over 300 people through our models at Prosperity Ridge the first day, and sold some homes. lt was great to see prospects bringing the door hangers into redeem them for our promotional gifts. Simply put, they are working!"

James T. Novak
Director of Marketing
KB Home Charlotte
August 30, 2006
Domino's Pizza logo "David Henderson has had a relationship with our company for nearly 15 years, In that time, he has become a trusted source for local store marketing and quality door hanging projects. David fulfills his contracts and obligations to the letter, and his understanding or guerilla marketing tactics has helped to produce results in many parts of our market. He builds a dedicated team that is efficient."

Damien Carper
Director: Marketing Comm.
Domino's™ Pizza
May 26, 2004
Wilkinson & Associates logo "Although a bit of skepticism was felt, at first, your door hanging programs have proven to be extremely effective and affordable. Thus far, the results have led to 18 sales and have generated even more qualified leads; there is high confidence that these leads will tum into home purchases."

Scott E. Wilkinson
Wllkinson & Associates Real Estate
March 11, 2003
MaidPro "First Class Values is professional, reliable, and has competitive prices. In the past we primarily used direct mail to advertise. Since using First Class Values for doorhangers, we have reduced our marketing costs 40% while increasing our response rate. First Class Values reliably places the doorhangers on the doors and not in paper boxes. We are also notified when the doorhangers are going out and are given a map to show the locations. We have spot checked behind First Class Values and found that the doorhangers are out just as they promised. There is no more wondering if employees place them or just toss them in the trash. We intend to be a customer of First Class Values for some time. "

Dryw Blanchard
MaidPro of South Charlotte
October 21, 2011